Care Management

Care Management helps to navigate and manage healthcare by providing education, guidance, resource coordination and management, caregiver support, oversight and advocacy so that individuals, caregivers, family members and medical/professional care teams will feel comforted knowing complex healthcare is managed and there are no gaps in continuity of care.

Our Expertise

  • Aging, Health and disability
  • Finances
  • Housing
  • Family
  • Local resources
  • Advocacy
  • Legal
  • Crisis intervention
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Care Management offers the following services

  • An in-home assessment to identify needs and suggest the best route of care by creating a personalized care plan
  • One-on-one tailored care management to create a care team and provide services including accompanying our clients to medical appointments to take notes and implement doctors recommendations
  • Suggest and coordinate referrals and resources, including law professionals, caregiving companies, financial resources, pharmacy and more
  • Recommendations for in-home modifications or suggestions for alternate living arrangements and assisting with a transition
  • Communication for the healthcare needs to family members, caregivers and medical professionals involved in our client’s care, especially for those who are out of town or who’s loved ones are overwhelmed with life’s burdens
  • Advocacy to ensure needs are met for the highest quality of care
  • After Hours emergency assistance
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Additional Services

  • Pre-competency evaluations for attorneys
  • Assessments for Assisted Living future residents who are out of the area soon to be moving in
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How to know if Care Management services are for you?

  • Recognizing changes in ones mental or physical status
  • Received new diagnoses or having trouble managing new acute or persistent chronic, complex medical problems along with the myriad of healthcare field problems
  • Frequent falls or hospitalizations
  • Overwhelmed with navigating resources
  • Needing help in the house
  • Medication mismanagement
  • You feel like you need an advocate
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